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Danika Kane

Posted on February 1st 2016 02:58 AM
Mana: 520

Name: Danika Haidee Kane

Age: 21 years old

Birthday: September 16th, X771

Gender: Female

Guild: Guildless

Magic: Earth Magic

Insignia: Mint green; located between her shoulder blades

Although one look at her may suggest otherwise, Danika's personality is actually quite different from first impression. Growing up amongst four boys, a certain degree of aggressiveness was to be expected in her, but Danika is only known to be so when it comes to things she truly cares for. She is fond of testing her skills with the occasional bout, but there is a very stark difference between an amused Danika and a protective one. She is quite affable, and disarmingly frank more often than not, but that can quickly turn into aggression when she is cornered or provoked. She just happens to be more prone to lashing out than wilting away like others might in such a situation. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even when that puts her out of sorts with those around her. It is something she has time and again been told to reign in, but Danika finds it difficult. Honesty is strength in her mind. Her directness shows even in her words, as she usually gets to the point quickly and isn't really one for beating around the bush.

Once Danika sets her mind on something, be it a course of action or an opinion, it would take an all out war to make her rethink it. She’s one to stick to her position even if she were to be provoked, as sometimes happens, tempted or even ridiculed. Sometimes though this can morph into a matter of obstinacy, something Danika has in spades. Bloody minded has been muttered behind her back more than once. She doesn't take criticism well either, mostly due to the mentality that her feelings and thoughts are her own and therefore not the business of anyone else. Despite how friendly and supportive she can be, Danika isn't one to freely offer information about herself and this stems from the feelings of insecurity she had growing up. She was never on par with her brothers and thus, unworthy of her parents praise, so how could she be worthy of anyone elses? It is easy to mistake otherwise however. Danika is very adept at putting on a false bravado when it's required, but it isn't a difficult thing to see through. These feelings, along with her personal mission, have played a large role in her decision to refrain from joining a Guild even after all this time. 

Insecurity and guilt are certainly not things that Danika handles well. It's easier for her to punch someone, or something than admit that she's out of her depth or feels responsible for something that has happened. Frustration can easily morph into anger, and when that happens, Danika will lash out at anyone and anything in her general vicinity. She does have enough self-awareness to try and limit that damage by removing herself, but sometimes it can be so explosive that she has no forewarning. Her inclination towards assertiveness aside, underneath it all, Danika is actually a very sensitive and dependable person. She has a need, albeit an often irrational one, to care for and protect those around her, be it in a physical or emotional way. Everyone has problems in her mind and she'll happily go to bat for a friend if they need it. And if they are endangered in any way, she would go to the ends of the world to help them. 


  • Baking – Having learned from her mother, Dani has a skill for baking and it's an activity she's found is good for stress relief. Plus she has the advantage of getting to eat whatever she makes. 

  • Cleaning – It is blatantly obvious but Danika is a clean freak. It's more of a control thing for her than a phobia of germs but it's easily written off as such. 

  • Sparring – Danika thoroughly enjoys hand to hand combat so she often practices various styles depending on her mood. She is most fond of kick-boxing.


  • Bullies – Hates. With. A. Passion. That doesn't even begin to cover it. Dani has been known to step in when she sees even children acting like a bully. 

  • Cats – She doesn't know why, but cats just have it out for her. They hiss at her, scratch if she gets too close and are just all around pains, so Dani goes out of her way to avoid them. 

  • Magic Tricks – Ironically enough, Dani likes to have all cards on the table, so petty magic tricks are really not up her alley. Magic is one thing, but deception and trickery do not sit well with her so she'll avoid street magicians where she can.

Standing at just over six feet tall, Danika could be considered intimidating by that alone, but her lithe figure doesn't quite complete the picture. Dani hasn't ever been one to be overly concerned with her appearance, evidenced by the almost ragged cut of her hair and the general lack of attention she pays to it. Her clothing mirrors this in that it is functional more than anything else, and often unrestricted so as to allow her a full range of movement. Her eyes are a molten brown that borders on red which stands in stark contrast to the mint hair that sits atop her head and the burnished, dark hue of her skin. Danika could be considered almost girlish by her looks, given that her face is rounded and hasn't quite lost the baby fat she carried as a child. The rest of her is honed to a point and almost borders on skinny given the angle she's viewed at. 

Faceclaim: Emerald Sustrai (RWBY)

It came as both a shock and a pleasant surprise when Danika was born to her parents all those years ago. With four boys already part of their brood, a girl had been the last thing they had expected. A quick change in name, apparently she was destined to be Danny, however was all it took and she was welcomed into the fold. Any hopes her mother may have had about tea parties and fancy dresses quickly went out the window though. From the moment she could walk, Danika was off after her older brothers, wanting to be a part of whatever they got in to. They brushed her off, their annoying little sister, until she all but forced her way into their little circle. It wasn't an easy thing either. She had to tackle one of them repeatedly before they caved and then it was like she had been born to it. What she lacked in physical strength, Dani made up for in enthusiasm and a stubborn mindedness that would persevere later into her life. 

As they all grew, they began to find their own interests and forge their own skills, but due to the age difference, Dani felt as though she was being left behind in a way. She felt aimless for quite a while, but it was her mother that suggested she try helping her out with her baking. It turned out Dani had her own skills to be discovered. She enjoyed the baking, and the products of it, and those days with her mother in their kitchen are still some of her fondest. Her father was to be the one to pass on her most valued skill however. Despite having left his guild when he married, Dani's father had been quite the adept earth magic user in his day and he began to teach it to his children as well. He taught them both in the general use of it and, like with all things, they excelled in their own ways. Her two eldest brothers took to weapons and incorporating the magic into their techniques like fish to the water. The youngest brother struggled and could only seemed to achieve the most rudimentary techniques despite his practice, but it was Danika and Andrei that needed no conduit or practice. Their bodies served as the conductors of that symphony. 

Unfortunately, despite their familial bonds, resentment began to fester among some of them. Kieran, who had struggled, was envious of not only his brothers, but his younger sister. In his mind, she should not have surpassed him, but she did. As soon as he was old enough, he left home and turned his back on their family. Their parents took it hard, and Dani felt a sense of guilt settle over her. They said otherwise, but she couldn't help feeling as though his leaving had been her fault. So, Dani made a promise to not only herself, but her parents as well. She would find Kieran and she would bring him home. And if she couldn't do that, then she would stay with him to ensure he would never be alone again.

Her parents, and brothers, tried to talk her out of it, but Dani had made up her mind and she was not going to be dissuaded from it. So, she set out into the world of Fiore to find her brother and reunite their family only......she hadn't thought it would take this long.


Sadly there really was nowhere in Kings Landing that Caelia could even pretend reminded her of her home in the Eyrie and it was both a blessing and a curse. She was sure that if such a place existed, she would long ago have taken up residence within it, regardless of its purpose. Well... within reason of course. Then again, she did not have to face the disappointment of leaving said hideaway either which would have been difficult in of itself. The Eyrie did not really have gardens, not like the Reach or even Dorne with its unique Water Gardens, but the gardens of the capital were peaceful and beautiful in their own way. Caelia had found them to be one of her favorite places within the city and it was well known that it was one of the first places to look when searching out the high princess. 

As she walked, and allowed her mind to wander to the types of flowers she could identify, and those which were due to bloom versus those which were not, Caelia tried to let her worries go. At least for a short time.

Caelia was quite absorbed in her observations at first, but a sudden giggle broken through her thought process and it was quickly accompanied by someone running into her. Somehow and quite unreasonably, Caelia managed to stay on her feet while the other person landed on their behind. She blinked at them for a moment, trying to process what had just happened as the woman scrambled to her feet and curtsied. As she spoke, the princess was still a step behind and trying to discern who it was she had collide with. Lady Lefford. Alysanne. One of Daenerys' ladies in waiting. Ah yes, she recalled her now. “There is nothing to forgive. I fear you may have taken more of a tumble than I did, Lady Lefford. Are you okay?” she inquired, looking the other woman over carefully for any sign of injury. She would feel horrible if she had been injured, regardless of who was at fault. 

It was during her evaluation that the princess noticed for the first time that her unexpected companion was without shoes. She frowned, wondering what had put her in such a state. For a moment Caelia thought perhaps she had been hurt by someone, but aside from the slight dirt smears from her tumble, she seemed unharmed. How odd. "What brings you to the gardens today, if you don't mind me asking," Caelia asked softly. She didn't want to scare the other woman if something bad had taken place despite her appearance. 

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Posted on February 1st 2016 10:39 AM
Mana: 5000


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