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July 15th 2016 - We're sorry to announce that Fiore RP has closed down.

Advenes' Training sheet

Posted on January 26th 2016 01:12 AM
Mana: 500

Swords and Saberteeth

TWC 942.

Physical Attack 0-2 [900]

Posted on January 26th 2016 02:08 AM
Mana: 5000


Posted on January 29th 2016 10:18 PM
Mana: 500

Some more training!

Wordcount in this post: 1818.

Physical Attack 2 -> 4 [900 words]

Physical Defence 0 -> 1 [450 words]

Physical Speed 0 ->1 [450 words]

Posted on January 29th 2016 11:03 PM
Mana: 5000

So this is going to be a long post but to explain a few things to you, to make every thing clear! :)

  • First of all when you're training, you have to specifically train the stats you mention, you are doing this nicely for as far as I have seen. I only see that you use a sword. Now officially you have to buy your weapon in the shop but I thought about it for a while but I allow you to use a sword but only in solo trainings. Because it would be an advantage of having a weapon (not bought) against your future co-writer. I hope this is clear. 
  • Second you forgot your wordcount, the smartest thing to do is writing it down and include the stats or spells which is also possible, that you're working on.
  • To more or less continue on that, when you are training, you don't have to hand in every single post. You can go on and on and on until you feel you're finished and you will hand in everything all at once. To say it a little shorter and maybe even clearer: You have to exit your topic before you hand in training.

  • Most important: Keep up the good work. 

Posted on January 31st 2016 02:58 AM
Mana: 500

Here's the thing in its entirity.

I have exited the topic and am ready to hand in the training. Hopefully I've complied with every point both Hanon and Deline have made. If not, I would be happy to edit where I can, so please let me know if I did anything wrong!

Let's say that the sword Advenes has been using is a training sword provided by the guild. That seems pretty plausible in context. It allows me to use a sword in training while giving no unfair advantages off the training grounds. I'll be sure to buy an actual sword soon.

Total Word Count: 4110.

Physical Attack 0-4 [1800]

Physical Defence 0-2 [900]

Physical Speed 0-3 [1350]

Words leftover: 60.

Posted on January 31st 2016 10:10 PM
Mana: 5000


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