Summoner Score:

Health: 0
Mana: 9
Stat: 15
Total: 24 + rank


Belamy discovered at a young age that he had a talent for mechanics. At the age of 11, he build his own calculator from scratch. A couple of years later, a little robot was build. When people think of robots, they think of humanoid mechs. But not Belamy. Belamy saw the flaws in the human body, mainly due to the difference he found in nature. His robot was based on the most simple of creatures he found in nature: the caterpillar. But this was not exactly what he had in mind. His mind was set on a machine that would proof the faults human bodies possess. He restarted building the machine, but this time he added several legs. When he was finished, he had a centipede, made from scratch. He called it his virus, but later renamed it to Virus Alpha, the first virus.

Virus Alpha - 

Virus Incedo

Virus Malitia - 

Virus Praesol

Virus Rabidus

Virus Venator