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Nathaniel Abbadon

Posted on December 7th 2015 09:09 PM
Mana: 1210

Name: Nathaniel 'Nate' Abbadon
Age: 23
Birthday: 5th November
Gender: Male
Guild: Magic Council
Magic: Fire magic
Insignia: Coloured in maroon and positioned on his left pec, in front of his heart.

Personality description
Nate is best described as irritable and gruff. His exterior is as unyielding and tough as he is. Nate is never one to suffer fools, or remain silent when irritated, and his temper can be explosive (sometimes literally) if he allows it to go unchecked, though he usually manages to keep a tight rein on it. When provoked or challenged physically, he will not hold back unless the perpetrator is someone he is emotionally attached to, or there is someone present to hold him back. It is never a good idea to antagonise him, as he never threatens without the intention to carry it out if unheeded.


However, countering his somewhat dangerous temperament is the fact that he is boundlessly loyal, to person, ideal or cause and will happily fight and die to protect the people he cares about. Though he may not always show it, Nate is fond of many things, and values human contact on occasion, as it reminds him that he is not only human, but no longer alone. In a fight, Nate will have the backs of any ally present (forced or chosen) and can if necessary put aside personal differences if it means protecting others. This is one of the core reasons he has thus far suited a life in the ranks of the Council’s Rune knights.


Nate’s true passion lies in strengthening himself and will rarely cease training for prolonged periods of time, pushing himself to his very limits for days and sometimes weeks on end in order to be the best at what he does.


  • Growing stronger: Nate has a deep seated fear of losing those close to him, so likes nothing better than making sure it will never happen again
  • Books: Whether they are fiction or non-fiction, Nate enjoys a good book, many have become the inspiration for some of his spells. 
  • Cigars: After growing up an urchin on the streets of the capital, Nate later learned to appreciate the finer things n life, as he has done a great deal to earn the right to enjoy them

  • Pineapples: No real reason for this, just hates the taste
  • Water: Can’t swim
  • Dragons: Self Explanatory

Nate is 6 foot 4 and of sturdy build. He is extremely muscular and his body has been honed as much as his magic. His hair is raven black and long, sometimes hanging over his face in part, though he keeps it neatly trimmed and out of his face for the most part. Nate’s left eye is concealed beneath a reinforced leather eyepatch, which on closer inspection is covered in hundreds of small runic circles and patterns of unknown origin (to anyone but Nate) ragged scars spread out from beneath the patch, though none spread out further than an inch and a half. These are in fact self-inflicted, though it is impossible to tell that without prior knowledge.


Primarily, Nate wears clothing coloured black and Maroon, a shirt, suit trousers and black dress shoes are a staple, often accompanied by a black waistcoat and heavy armour plated coat (often hung over his shoulders) and occasionally a tie.


Beneath his cloths, Nate’s skin is covered in tattoos, a myriad of spell circles and runic bands designed to modify his spells, these are the source of Nate’s magical power and the reason he can use magic at all.

Faceclaim: Sabo [One Piece]

Nate was  born the son of Persephone Abbadon, a powerful mage who was not allied to any guild in particular (not as far as his memory serves). In his early childhood, he was happy despite the fact that he never knew who his father was (it was a subject his mother avoided talking about. Following the event, things changed, They tended to move around a great deal, Persephone taking jobs, with Nate in tow. However, this ended, in a horrific manner when Nate was 7 years old. In the dead of night, Persephone was assaulted in her home by dark mages clad in dark robes. Having managed to hide Nate just in time, he was forced to watch, helpless as his mother was taken away from him.


Following that he became an orphan and was forced to wander the streets, stealing what he could to survive. No-one would take him in and everywhere he went he was met with hatred in fear. His eye, beneath the patch or otherwise acted as provocation for all manner of insults and acts of violence. Alone and frightened, he took to magic as a method of escape. His mother had always told him that he had a ‘writable soul’ and with the correct knowledge and applications to his body, he could learn any magic he chose to, and make it a part of him.


At the start of his magical career, the teenage Nathaniel first turned to crime, pickpocketing so that he could eat, as he grew older, his crimes grew slightly more serious. Backalley betting, illegal fight clubs. Eventually he was caught, a 17 year old boy with nothing to lose and a deep seated hatred for people. Having been involved in a fairly brutal barfight, he had set light to another man before hurling him through a second story window. This act served as his ‘audition’ and he was invited to join the Mage Council. The promise of power and the chance to grow stronger was more than he could resist, so Nate put his nose to the grindstone, and was reshaped into the gruff, law enforcer he is now.


The General hung upside down from an overhanging crossbeam. Beads of sweat were forming on his brow. He pulled himself up in another inverted sit up. Several weights were tied to ropes on a belt, trying to aid gravity in bringing him crashing to the ground. But it was going to have to try harder. With a snarl, he continued to perform sit-ups.


Things on the front lines had not been going as well as he would have liked. His first taste of combat had left him frozen solid and burning with a fury so intense it could melt the sun. Sat there helpless once again, watching a loved one almost being taken from him, unable to do anything. Luckily, they had made it out. But that battle had nearly formed the sickening mirror image of the night he lost his mother. Never again. He had decided long ago that he was going to become a mage like his mother, and become so strong that he would never be helpless, and would always be able to protect those closest to him. This war had only served to show him that this wasn’t yet the case. He had to work harder, he had to become even stronger. He had been working towards that goal for so long, and as a result he had come so far. But not far enough. It was like climbing to the peak of a mountain, only to find yourself only half way.

The scruffy dark haired child stared up at the stars above, whilst hunkered down between two large dumpsters. The smell was awful, but at least it held off the howling wind. The young shivering form of Nate Abbadon. Nine years of age, on the streets of the capital. His red t-shirt was tattered and filthy, much like the rest of his cloths. His hair an unruly mess, hanging down over his face and concealing the eyepatch covering his left eye.

   The General looked down at the image of his former self, visiting these past memories using an ancient form of meditation. He wasn’t sure why he’d picked this one. It was 14 years ago that he had been in this state. Since then he had been found by Blue Pegasus, joined and left Phantom Lord, and then ended up as a knight in the service of the council. Nate crouched beside his younger self. To his own credit, the boy wasn’t crying, though there was that all too familiar look of sheer hatred in his eyes. He’d managed to quell that part of him, though the murderous rages still surfaced on occasion. It was important to remember that the tables had been turned though.

   Where once he had been the underling, an orphan on the streets, with other kids throwing stones at him in an effort to hurt him. Now, he was the one they feared. Those that dared attack him now, earned themselves grievous injury. He had achieved a portion of the power he dreamt of. He had gone from rags and gutters, to Nobility and a position of power.




MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on December 7th 2015 09:54 PM
Mana: 5000


Oops, seems like we found a few things that need to be fixed while checking your application. But no worries! Simply fix the following things, repost your application in the staff centre and we will take another look.

The things that need to be fixed are:

  • You have to explain your likes. 
That's all!

Posted on December 7th 2015 09:59 PM
Mana: 5000


Congratulations! Your character has been accepted to Fiore RP. Before you do anything else, we would like to ask you to set up your bank account (here) and your character sheet (here). After that, you are free to start roleplaying!

We wish you a lot of fun!

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