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Lita Seffer

Posted on December 7th 2015 04:16 PM
Mana: 500


Name: Lita June Seffer

Age: Twenty Three

Birthday: April 24th X769

Gender: Female

Guild: To be Recuirited

Magic: Holy( Light Magic)

Insignia: N/A

 Personality ~

 Lita is fairly independent but needs to Rely on others quite often to assist her with her search to find the culprits. She Is Kind hearted and softly spoken, but don’t be fooled by her Cautiousness she is quite confident is her own abilities, but lacks the faith in other people. She is fairly Bright and quick to figure out and read Situations, whether its in a combat environment or if its just a social Gathering.  Never really fearing Large Crowds, Lita often finds comfort in smaller Quite Area’s where she can Reflect on her thoughts or Pray to Aura ( The goddess of Positive Energy, Light and Prophecy )

Thought Lita is highly Religious she keeps to her self about her Religious ways unless asked about it, as she was raised to be rather Modest about herself, that doesn’t stop her From Seeking compliments when a job is done well.  Lita also has no real interest in Money, and is much more Morally Driven than to just take a job because of the Rewards. Lita is a hopeless Romantic, always having idea's of settling down and having a family, and is a a sucker for a bit of charm.

Kind, - Lita is the kind of person that will go out of her way to help people I need, she is always soft and Gentle when needed to be and it happy to help out in any way, from giving advice  to looking after your pets while you’re on a mission, Lita is there for her friends and Strangers alike.

Bold- Being Semi Passive, Lita is Bold in the sense that she will fight for everything worth fighting for, making sure to stand up for herself and others who might need a hand.  And Because of her upbringing she has learned the way to be bold but softly spoken. Lita Never backs down from a battle worth fighting and shows no fear while doing so.

Confident.- Lita is Confident in her own abilities, but of course being human she has her doubts to, she is not Blind to her Short comings but does her best to do everything in her power to help others, this makes her feel useful and good. She is her most confident when out on a mission or after helping someone.  Lita is at her least confident after bad fight or a failed mission.

Headstrong- Though sometimes it is seen as a weakness, Lita’s Stubborn Characteristics makes it hard to reason with her when she believes she is Right,  but makes her an Admirable Ally, believing that anything is possible and doing whatever within he power( and morals) to sway the outcome to be more Favorable.  This also means that she is not as Reluctant to give up on failed missions or to stop training because she is at a lost.

Wise- Lita is Wise beyond her years, having a good understanding for how the world works and the empathy it takes to deal with people who need their sprits uplifted. She is highly religious and because of her religion she is more open to people of a good nature. She is a good Judge of Character and enjoy giving Advice in the form of Sayings (Such as an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind)



Acceptance – Lita from her time spent at the temple, she never had a Very close Relationship with any of her fellow Priestess or Family, after she was given to the temples from the young Age of 3.  With Very little connection to other people it is hard for Lita to find her place in the world after he way of life stopped she was left with the feeling of being useless, and finds comfort in the acceptance of others.

Grudge Holding Though Most Religions are all about Acceptance and forgiveness, Lita finds it hard to forgive those who have wronged her, and even after a long time she still harbors anger towards them. First impressions tend to mean a lot to her and it doesn’t take long to Gain her trust but betray it once and she will never trust you again. 

Physique – Thought Lita is a fierce mage, her body is not always up to the Task, where most people Trained from a young age to be battle harden, Lita was Studying Scriptures and Practicing Rituals.  This left little time for her to train her Body or to go out and play.  This means that though Lita is not useless in the sense she is rather weak, it just means that Compared to other seasoned warriors she is inexperienced

According to the Plan!- Lita Schedules and plans everything out, sometimes in Great detail, and is very much a Creature of habit, living each day in the same fashion as the day before,  getting up at the same time and going to bed at the same time.  But when Something Disrupts the Plan Lita gets one of 3 ways, extremely Irritable, Completely and utterly confused or spends her time thinking at Great lengths why her plans are failing.

What is Fun?  - Lita Grew up in a Strict Temple with lots of rules and tons of Chores, she is a bit up tight when it comes to being Silly and often confuse joking around with Disrespect. And overlooks most humor.  Never really first to understand a joke or to Get in on a fun Activity. Lita needs time to Get use to what is going on and often requires A Lengthy Explanation on why it is fun and why she needed to do it to.



  • Home Cooked Meals- being On the Road a lot since the lost of her family, she dosn't often get to have a sit down  home cooked meal with anyone, and she Cherishes the time and effort spent to make them. 

  • Being Treated with Respect - Being Lady like, she wants to be Treated as a Lady in public and as a Comrade on the battle Field.

  • feeling included - Feeling the need for Acceptance Lita Loves being included in Group Activities and Festivals even if she doesn't understand them 


  • Foolhardiness- She Dislikes Stupidity and has no tolerance for people who don't take Serious matters serious or people who are too reckless on the battle field that they have to Depend on luck. 

  • Being Lost-during her many Travels,  getting lost  sucked them most,  making her have to come up with new plans and change her Scheduled to fit it.  Lost = Late!

  • Long Boat trips over large bodies of water. - one of Lita's Fears is the vast deep ocean, and more importantly the unknown under neath them,  she will almost always Avoid boat trips over deep parts of a body of water. 


Lita Stands about 5foot 10inches and weighs about 130 pounds, with Large sky blue eyes and long golden Blond hair that reaches down to her waist if let down completely, Lita however doesn’t often let her hair down, as she pins it up each morning, to reduce the length and look more Presentable.

Lita has a Lean build and Pale skin, she is mostly always seen wearing her battle Garments, having A robe like Set of Armour that she doesn’t often take off aside to sleep.  Lita has a  shortage of wardrobe because of how often she Travels she doesn’t have the Strength to lug around a huge bag, and so she has her Robes and armour and one nicer Casual outfit for special occasions.

Face Claim: Raratina Dustiness Ford - KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SHUKUFUKU WO! 

In the Sothern Area of Fiora, was a small settlement that hosted the last worshipers of Aura, An ancient The goddess of Positive Energy, Light and Prophecy ) Lita’s parents where Devoted followers, living mostly off the land and in peace with the world. Not too many visitors ever came to their Settlement, but those who did often were lost or just passed through.

Lita was born In middle of the Afternoon During a sun Shower and her twin sister was born a little while after. However their Brother wasn’t as thrilled about the whole situation as Lita’s Parents were.  In this Particular Religion the first Daughter of the follower was given the privilege of becoming a priestess. And Lita’s Mother and father wanted nothing more than to send her there. It was seen as a Great honor to have your Daughter in the Temple. Lita was still little when they handed her over to the Temple of Aura, the temple was very Strict about the age of the children when they start their Training.  And the Age of 3 seemed to be the optimal Age for learning and being molded to continue the Traditions of their community.

Life at the temple wasn’t that bad and in the many years she served under the Temple she had witnessed no real hardship, she just worked her chores and studied the temples laws and Traditions, only seeing her family on holidays or days there were large festivals. She often Envied her sisters simpler life, but Lita was treated different and did her best the Stand out amongst the Temple.

A Great Honor was Bestowed upon Lita on her 16th Birthday, she was the youngest Priestess to have ever been promoted to high Priestess within their community. And her parents were given gifts and awarded extra privileges because of this.   This of Course made Lita quite proud of herself and as she Became more  in tuned with the Religion her  Magic Prowess started to Peak, and her Holy Magic was matched only by the elders.

Little did Lita know however that held within the Temple was a Magical Artifact, one that was quite valuable. and after lita had turned 18 she was trusted with the Knowledge that others wanted to destroy the Temple. Of course Lita was bold about the situation and went on the strive to be the best at her Practice. Essentially Lita wanted to be The Temples Guardian and keep their way of life safe.

The Crafty Thieves must have known more then the temple had comprehended, and during one night Lita caught word there was a fire within the village, Quickly she Aimed to assist her Friends and family but arriving at the scene of the fire made her heart sink.  Her Family’s home was full of blaze. The only Savior was that of her brother, who had Left the family a few years before.  Tragedy however wasn’t nearly over as. After the whole ordeal was over with, and Lita Made graves for her fallen family,  She gave them a final prayer and said her good byes.

Lita returned to the temple to find the entire Temple empty,  only blood stained halls and scorch marks remained, Though Lita never knew the reason why or who did it, she left her small village with nothing. Feeling to ties to her home and knowing that she may be the last of their Religion. But she wasn’t sure how her goddess would allow such a disaster.

Regardless and unsure of her own identity or Beliefs she ventured out to the City of mages and gathered information where any was available, While attempting to track down her missing brother as well.  Over the years she had attempted to figure things out the necessity of the information seemed to be less and less important hearing many rumors about how it could have happen or why, Lita Gave up her search finally. Be decided to Keep her Faith. She claims still toe b a high priestess and looks for her brother while attempting to Tip the scales for the good of Humanity. ~~May I be the Weapon of my Lady.~~



The Window was left open and the bed a mess, it looked like she was in a hurry, and in this case it was True. Lita had rushed out of the inn’s room and down to the front lobby to return the room key.  Apologizing quickly Lita flashed a quick smile,  she had over slept by ten whole minutes and now she was behind, how was she ever going to Fit in this day’s events if she was not up in time. “Now I have to go to bed 10 minutes later than normal to Balance the scales. “She attempted to Explain to the poor lost and speechless Service Clerk. Before Lita Exited through the front door.

The Light of Dawn created a soft Glow off Lita’s Skin as she stretched her arms above her head and yawned slightly.   First off was Tea or coffee, how could one start a Day without one of those.  And then a hearty breakfast and then 6 hours of training with a 30 minutes Prayer break.  “ maybe I will eat faster today and make up that lost time Or I can run to the Restaurant~  and with that Lita was off,  running through the still bare cobble stone streets as she Raced towards the Same Restaurant she had eaten at all this last week.   “ but what if service is Awful~” Lita asked herself  with a huff, and a A full tilt Stop. She quickly caught her breath and continued the Rest of the way to the restaurant in a calm walk. After all how could one expect to train this early without a solid meal.

The Handles of the Door Jiggled but the door didn’t budge. Giving it another Heave she slammed her shoulder against the door, only to Realize the sign the sat on the other side of the glass, ~ CLOSED~ it read. “ Gosh Darn it~ what am I going to do now”? she asked out loud to no one in particular.  With a deep and heavy sigh she turned around and started walking back the same routine she had taken during the race there.  “ this day is totally ruined, how am I suppose to train on a day like this.  Nothing good will come of it,  it must be Aura Telling me to change my plans. “ She said aloud again as she walked calmly back towards the inn. ~ now to just Rethink this plan. . . .


Posted on December 7th 2015 05:58 PM
Mana: 5000


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Mana: 5000


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