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Fiore RP is for everyone, we support socials but also have the opportunity to use a lot of combat. Apart from that the staff hosts a couple of events per year in which you can gain more experience to rank up, powers to train and other potential prizes. Our site is character based, which means we support character plots and development.

July 15th 2016 - We're sorry to announce that Fiore RP has closed down.

Rose Ardanach's Character Sheet

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:37 PM
Mana: 1335

Earth Magic Spells
Rock Shield - D-rank
Rock Wall - D-rank
Rock Dome - D-rank
Sand Shield - C-rank
Sand Barrier - C-rank
Sand Wall - C-rank
Sand Dome - C-rank
Vine Wall - B-rank
Vine Dome - B-rank
Bamboo Shield - A-rank
Bamboo Wall - A-rank
Bamboo Dome - A-rank

Earth Pebble - D-rank
Leaf Blade - D-rank
Liana Hit - D-rank
Rock Kick - C-rank
Sand Shot - C-rank
Wood Arrow - B-rank
Vine Whip - B-rank
Earth Detonation - B-rank
Stone Ball - B-rank
Sand Storm - B-rank
Rose Storm - B-rank
Thorn Wire - B-rank
Earth Punch - B-rank/Knockback
Sand Rebellion - A-rank

Earth Quicksand - C-rank [PS]
Sun Drain - C-rank [MA]

See Through Spell - C-rank
Earth Dive - B-rank
Rock Doll - B-rank
Sight Seeing Spell - A-rank

Posted on December 7th 2015 05:03 PM
Mana: 2500

Name: Oighear

Type of weapon: Bow

Rank: B-rank

Element: Ice

- Looks: The long bow, which is the sort of the bow, reshapes after its owner, being 80% of the owner’s height.
- Advice: Best way for defense and attack as long as you are shooting from a distance.
- Durability: this bow can take up to 1 S-rank damage on PA. It can’t be broken with simple magic or breaking by hands.
- Quiver: Your quiver has 8 arrows standard but you can refill this with 30 Mana again and again.

- Damage: Standard damage done is B-rank damage. This is a damage of 12. However you can train this higher the damage by training your PA. Normal attacks with this bow are based on Physical Attack and you can block it with Physical Resistance.
- Spells: This bow has two spells based on Ice, while using the spells the bow might give off a small cold-blue glow. When using the spells it costs 30 Mana and it makes a damage of the standard D-rank, which means a damage of 3. You can train to make higher damage by training your MA. Magic Attacks with this bow are based on Magic Attack and you can block it with Magical Resistance.
- Ice Shot cost 30 mana. This is a magical arrow that you can use time and time again. It is a normal arrow that turns into a magic arrow based on the element of the bow and can do more harm to the weaker element. (check the shop for this). You can use 3 arrows per post. There is no cooldown.

- Ice Double cost 30 mana. This is an arrow that replicates itself and turns into two magic arrows based on the element of the bow. It does a split damage per arrow, meaning one arrow does 1,5 damage and both arrows 3 damage in case they hit the target. Cooldown: 1 post.

Posted on December 20th 2015 06:58 PM
Mana: 1335


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