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Rose Àrdanach

Posted on December 7th 2015 02:21 PM
Mana: 1335

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Name: Rosette Àrdanach (Rose)
Age: 20
Birthday: 16 August x773
Gender: Female
Guild: Magic Council
Magic:  Earth
Insignia: Her insignia is teal and on the left thigh on the outside, a little more towards her knee.

Rose is a rather stubborn girl with a short temper. She isn’t really good at socializing at the beginning but that’s because she doesn’t have much trust in people. That has to do with a long long history that she had had, even though she is still very young. She let a few people close that were a disappointment. However she tries her best to be friendly again and had a good example in her stepmother. She is honest but might be a little blunt with that, she is also sarcastic but not to hurt other people, just to state the obvious, she is rather intelligent. She knows when to respect people, even though not everyone deserved the respect that she gave to them, that’s also the reason of her mistrust.
She can be kind when she lets you in her friend-group or to the people that she trusts. She is prideful, that means that when she becomes a knight of the Magic Council, she would do everything to keep the honour to herself and a good name for the Council, she knows what pride is, but it wouldn’t overcome her and make her too pridefull. Harsh and blunt, she doesn’t like people that think weak and do weak and can be rather harsh or rude and blunt to them, she can’t stand it: Life isn’t fair and it will never be, deal with it.  helpful, she will be helpful to those that deserve it and really need it, meaning that she isn’t mean at all but just not really social in speaking matters. However these traits were according to her stepmother the good reasons to become a Magic Council Knight. She really know what she wants and that might not be a negative thing but she wants to get her hands on it no matter what. With that she is very impatient, and that can be some bit of a problem, it has to do with the fact that she always had to be too patient and now she can’t take that anymore. 

Negative traits: Stubborn, Short Temper, blunt, Knowing what she wants, impatient
Positive traits: Friendly, honest, intelligent, kind, prideful


  • Spring Maybe it’s an Earthy thing but the fact that the weather is changing and everything is a different sort of green makes her happy. She likes spring more than any other season.
  • Solitude Sure she can make friends or colleagues or whatever you want to call it but well it is nice to be alone for most of the times. Since she had been locked up for a long time, she has to get used to people and manners.
  • Adventure it doesn’t matter what it is, walking through a forest, having a magic fight, or climb a mountain, when it gives her adrenaline it’s good.

  • Strangers it might be mean but she doesn’t like random people talking to her, that not introduce themselves or show any other manners, she isn’t the kind of girl that greets people on the street and when they do to her, she quickly walks away.
  • Fire, when she was thirteen and ran away from home, her father send a mage after her to get her back, he did and with that burned her right hip in the process of getting her along. This had made her afraid.
  • Winter well it’s obvious why she hates Winter. It makes her feel like she is locked up in her own body, which she technically is already. But like she is walking on a world made of cotton, with the snow. And besides the Earth feels like it’s dead and waiting to regenerate. She can never wait for Spring and then Winter seems so long.

Rose is a girl from 1.75 (5’7). She is very skinny and doesn’t weight the right amount of kilograms but she tries her best to eat enough. She weights at this right moment 100 pound, 45 kg. She has a pale skin withought any flaw on it, or well almost. She has quite a burn/scar on her right hip after someone burned her there when she was thirteen, she is kind of embarrassed of it.. She is as said before too skinny, but has nice curves. She especially likes her own legs. She doesn’t mind showing of her body. Her hair is a soft pink colour, that reaches just above her hips. She has sideay bangs to the left of her face, her hair is straight but curls up a little at the end. Her eyes are the colour of teal, however for some weird reason they sometimes change into cyan or actually only the left eye. It makes a sort of glow. She wears most of the time just jeans or any other sort of pants, she isn’t a big fan of skirts and dresses, boots and some sort of top and jacket. She has a lot of jackets.

Faceclaim: Megurine Luka - Vocaloid

Rose was raised by her father only. Her mother left her when she was three and she has no memory of the woman or whatsoever. Actually Rose hates the woman that left her with such a horrible man. Julian MacMahon was a horrible father because he hated magic. Which was one of the reasons that he locked up his daughter after he figured out she possessed Earth Magic. He had discovered this when she was six. Before that: Everything was alright, she never saw him though.

At the age of Thirtheen she ran away because she was done with her life like this. However her father send a mage to hunt her down and bring her back. This was a fire mage, which is the reason why she is afraid of fire. He gave her a scar on her right hip.

At the age of sixteen she ran away again but this time she planned it better and her father couldn't find her. Still a bit afraid that Julian will look for her, she makes sure to stay away from her hometown. She doesn't want to have to do anything with her father or mother.

She had stayed for a long time in Crocus when she ran away when she was sixteen. It was easier to steal food here and find a place to sleep. However it was getting cold in the winter. She was found by one of the police officers, a woman called Luka. It had been her job to deliver Rose at the station but she didn't. Instead she took her in and took care of the girl, whom barely talked to her or her husband. However it was Luka that was patient and tried time and time again for Rose to feel comfortable. Thanks to Luka, whom didn't possess any magic, Rose decided to become a Magic Council Knight.


Ironic how this demon, this parasite was having the feeling that there were demons screaming in her head. Dyna had so much willpower, or she needed much to not pull up her hands and push them against the sides of her head. God she was going crazy and that was saying much for a woman like her. For a being so old as her. Five hundred years of nothing and then six years of perfect control. She blamed Raphael, even though she had seen him only twice. She had recognized him after the ball, only after. After she killed, after she stilled her hunger. Now she wasn't a vampire or anything but she liked to see blood, maybe a bit too much.

She had no eyes for others, lost in her own little mind. Or well so little? Though Athena had no eyes, no smell or hearing of the rest of the world, there were moments that she had a grip. Like that one time that she said help me in front of Raphael, big fight in Era. Such a great thing: Not. That was one of the main reasons that Dyna left the Capital of Justice. Right now, she had only one problem, because she could feel inside her that Athena was trying new ways to get her body back: Like tapping into her magic. Even though it must take a powerful person to find out: she was creating a small Earthquake. The floor beneath her started to rumble and shock and well a few things crash but it wasn't a heavy one and it was over rather quickly because: someone bumped into her.

She wasn't aware of it, she hadn't focused on the pavement or the way people walked as she normally did without noticing. It was Athena messing with her power and so she fell backwards on her butt and she had to resist for staring up in anger. Especially because the guy, obviously, started to yell at her. Especially when he said, she should look him in the eye. She waited a bit, to get him more annoyed and slowly, taunting, she looked up. Her left eye still Cyan, glowing and her right eye teal. Athena and Dyna all at once.

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:07 PM
Mana: 2500


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