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Saia Kassidy Otem

Posted on March 23rd 2016 02:12 AM
Mana: 500


Name: Saia Kassidy Otem

Age: 18

Birthday: August 21st X774

Gender: Female

Guild: Magic Council

Magic: Life Magic ( Earth Based)

Insignia: Between her shoulder Blades,  Traditional Blue Roughly 12inches Tall and 6 inches wide


Personality description goes here. Give some negative and some positive traits. At least 250 words.

Saia is the kind of Girl who is true of heart and Intention, but somehow always gets in her own way, thoguth clumsy actions and Forgetfulness, she is a Mixed up And Hopeless Mage. Saia Loved being around people, but not too many,  Crowds were never her Thing but she had no issues passing through them, they just simply are something she isn’t overly fond of,  she is a Very Loyal Person, and Believes that the magic council needs her service, and does her best to get her act together in order to be the person the council would want her to be.  But despite all of that she still tends to have issues with Training, regardless of her attempt it always seemed that either through terrible Luck, Lack of determination or simply forgetting  she tends to slide by on life only ever training if someone there to help her focus.  Even with all her troubles she is a pressure to be Around and loves Talking to people,  she is kind and can be quite Intelligent .  Saia Is Easily Manipulated into doing things because of her Strong Morals and Misplaced Devotion for doing the right thing.  With Everything She has Messed up she hasn’t lost her spark,  she is she is a Still very much  a Warrior at heart. Being Strong, Brave and putting her friends and Team mates first.  When Saia isn’t on duty she likes to Dress up and go out for walks, dinner, and local Events.   She is very easily charmed by a Nice smile and Some kind words, though don’t take her for a fool because she will eventually figure it out. Because of an accident while training at the compound saia 

dosent like a lot of violence and does everything she can to be diplomatic about the situation before reacting with force 

Negative~ Clumsy Forgetful, Hopeless, Struggles with Training, Easily Manipulated

Positive ~ Ture of heart, good intentions Very Loyal, Intelligent, Kind, Morally Guided, Strong and Brave



  • Friendly people – Coming form the Otem Compound everyone talked about Fighting and war, it wasn’t often that she got some Real conversations that wasn’t aimed at Exposing A Weakness or gaining Favor from the elders. As a result of this she always enjoys talking to people who come off as friendly

  • Lending a hand - Saia Loves helping others, there very little in this world that makes you feel half as good as helping out another person.

  • Cooking!-  Saia didn’t have to cook her own meals  until she left  the Compound,  but it quickly became a apparent that she needed to learn.  It turns out that she was Are all natural, being a Pretty good cook she quickly found that it was skill she wanted to Master.


  • Being alone- Saia Has always been Around people, and as a result she feels most comfortable around at least one other person.  This ties into her dislike for training alone.

  • Being Cold- There’s nothing like the feeling of catching a chill and not being able to get warm, its an Awful Feeling and Saia has found that the Cold Nights at the Compound to be the most uncomfortable. As a Result it reminds her of going home something she doesn’t exactly want.

  • Being Challenged- Whether its begin challenged t a fight or from being Challenged in a social Situation. She doesn’t Like being told her opinion doesn’t matter or is Wrong even if she is.


Saia is a Tall 5’11and Muscular Girl, having Long lushes Red hair often put up into a ponytail that Twists and curls down her back to about her tail bone.  She have Large vivid Green eyes, She wears a Bit of green eyeshadow. But aside from that wears little to no Makeup.   She has pale Lips and skin as most natural Red heads do.  Saia is seen most often wearing  her Armour a Bronze looking  Leather Corset  that covers most of her torso, leaving her Arms and shoulders unclothed.  She pairs this with a Black Mini Skirt and a Red Wrap that wraps around her Waist and then flows down to legs. She mostly always is Seen in her brown Leather boots with Bronze Greeves that go to her lower thigh,  She believes it provides enough protection paired with mobility to be useful. She always Seems to wear a Bronze Headband, despite if she is in her armour or not.  In her Casual Clothes she enjoys comfy outfits or Jeans,  sometimes she Wears nice Dresses that Complement her Curvy hips

Faceclaim: Pyrra Nikos - RWBY


The Otem Family is a Strong and War Related Clan, taking a particular interest in War Related Tactics and Close Combat. The Otem Clan is Divided into two Sections, and when your born and who your parents were determined into what Branch you were placed into, being off a Impure blood you were often put into the Servant Branch,   were they were taught to Serve and protect the Main Branch,  The Servant branch is Trained in Social Obligations and handles the Daily maintenance of the Facility. While the Main Branch is given through birthright, is sent off to learn the art of war an Combat, Some are even Drafted to Become Medical Experts.  

Saia’s Mother Married into the Otem family, her father ( Sadco Otem) was a very busy man always running out to handle Clan Related business and to run missions in any other waking moment. It seemed that even when Saia was born he wasn’t much of a father figure. More often than not he was away. Leaving Saia’s mother to raise by herself until the Clan elders started Saia’s training.  Unlike most of the Otem Clan Saia was born was Red hair and green eyes, most seen this as a defect but because of the time she was Born she wasn’t placed into the servants branches. She was given rights to Be apart of the Main Branch Saia was born and Raised in the Otem Complex, not normally allowed to leave the premises aside from special occasion. Until she Started going to School and training in the Art of War.  Saia was home schooled until she joined the academy wit hall the other Otem Clan Children. Saia struggled a great deal in school and at home, seeming to be the runt of the litter always. Saia found other ways to achieve her Skill.

When other kids were off playing at school, Saia sat in her room by herself studying if she wasn’t there she was seen at the training complex, practising her form.  By the time she was granted the Title of Genin she was one of the few at the top of her class.  She had remarkable Talent for Taijutsu ( as most of her clan did) and had a naturally Great Chakra control. She was instantly recommended to join the medical core, where she was taken under the Wing of another medical Expert by the name of Trever , a Young and promising Can member for the  Servant Branch one known for its heavenly healing Magic

During her Medical training and the time spent training with the elders. Saia had found a way to combine her knowledge for the human body and her Combat Skills. Allowing her to have an Edge over most of the Clan members her age. One her 16th Birthday she was Bought to her Practical test, where she needed to Go one on one With a member of the clan that had already passed, if she beat him or  went Even With them she would be given the official approval from the  Clan, it was a Very High honor to be Granted.  When in a Testing match Saia injured a fellow Clan mate and put him into critical condition with a very Lucky Strike.  Her hands shook with fear of what the elders would do. But instead of being punished for her Recklessness she was congratulated on her power. Angry that she was considered better for hurting others Saia devoted her life to being a pacifist. And if forced or commanded to fight, and even then only using just enough force to detain an enemy, and never attempting to kill anyone.

It didn’t take long under Trever’s guidance before Saia was working on Real patients and helping in the battle field.  Saia was never put on any missions, and was kept in the medical Core for close to a year before the Stress of being challenged for her position Became too much.  She slowly fell behind all the other Clan members she went to the academy with.   A bit ashamed she decided to Renounce her title and join the Magic council. Only later to be contacted by her Clans Elders , Asking her to position herself within the Magic Council so they could have An Edge on Mage Like Clans.  At First Saia didn’t know what to Say,  and still hasn’t given them an answer, as she feel torn between her family and her Goals in life,


Posted on March 23rd 2016 02:57 PM
Mana: 5000


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